Manager Tools

Simplify the job of providing food handler training to your staff. With eAlcoholServer Manager Tools, we make administering employee credentials simple and straightforward.

Pay by Purchase Order
Are you trying to provide your staff easy access to training? Use our Pay by Purchase Order option to give your staff free access to vital Alcohol Awareness training. We will bill you later.

Other Manager options
  • Bulk purchase discounts
  • Online verification of staff credentials
  • Electronic Input/Export of Roster
  • On-demand ability to Print Cards, Certificates and PictureID Badges
  • Print staff roster option
  • Perform testing analysis to identify problem areas

For more information on how we can help Restaurant / Bar Owners and Managers, contact Customer Service.

Verify Foodhandler Credentials
Restaurant owners and Foodservice Managers can
verify foodhandler credentials online.

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